Every project has a starting point. So, how everything started...?

14-MAR-2015 / 10:35AM Central European Winter Time / Paris, France


Julien : I need to have my breakfast !
Marc-André : I know a place, let's walk...
The American Airline Flight 48 landed to CDG four hours ago. The traffic has been terrible to reach downtown.
Marc-André : Here ! It's gonna be perfect.

J : Are you still flying ?
MA : No, not at the moment, it's not easy to fly in France with all the paperwork I have to work on to get approved. 
J : That's true.
MA : What would be awesome is to do the round of all the Western National Parks... to see them from above !
J : You mean the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley ?
MA : Yes !! and Bryce Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone... all of them !"


And came a day we needed a logo... With the help of 48h Logo, we launched a contest over 9 days. The 3 finalists work is shown here.

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Copyright PMG

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All the designers did a very good work. After numerous designs, shapes and color changes, on 03-JULY-2015, we final came up with the final design of the logo that will follow us all along this journey !